Monday, August 20, 2012

crafty case

My dear friend, Michelle, over at Twig Blog had this "new-to-me" idea of making her own iPhone case with scrapbook paper. She's a smart cookie, I tell you! I guess others have done this before too but I certainly never thought of it (which is silly really because I have mounds of scrapbook paper that I adore and never use). I thought I'd try it out and it looks awesome! I'm pretty excited about it.

Here are a few "cases" I made (sources below).
iPhone case (tons of other options on Amazon but I like this one fine)
pear print paper (blue skies by American Crafts)
floral paper (from an Amy Butler sample pack)
"x" paper (true blue "snappy paper" by fine and dandy)
polka-dot paper (heat wave by American Crafts)


  1. I've done the same thing! Except I didn't have any scrap paper I liked, so I used fabric. It's a great way to have a unique cover without spending a lot of $$!

  2. Such a great idea!! Can I ask if the case you got off amazon comes up over the front edge of the phone? I am so worried I may crack my screen if there isn't that little ridge.

  3. This is AWESOME!!!!!!! So copying this project

  4. Ahh here it is! Thanks for the shout out and so glad you made some. Yours are way more darling than mine; I had a hard time finding the paper I wanted. However, I have that pear paper, love it!


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