Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Oh yeah, it was my birthday on Saturday. I am 31. I feel _________ about it. Still trying to fill in that blank... I guess I have a lot of emotions. A lot has happened for me this year, some really good and some really hard. I feel like I grew up a lot from 30 to 31 and some of those growing pains still ache from time to time. I'm hoping for a more peaceful next year.
David and I went to dinner on Friday night to celebrate. He is growing out his beard for me and I really love it. It has lots of red and bits of gray and I think he looks so handsome. I also think he's the greatest man ever. I really love him and our life together.
On Saturday, I slept in until 9:30 (!!!). David took the kids to pick up breakfast from Whole Foods (have you had their bacon?) and then we went to the gym and when we got home, the power was out. We had crazy storms and winds all day and the power was off for about 10 hours. We ended up driving to the mall in the afternoon and going to Chick-Fil-A with the kids for dinner. A birthday doesn't feel like a birthday to me without cake and candles. So, we stopped at Deru for a slice of carrot cake and a slice of peanut butter chocolate cake. I blew out my candle and opened my presents by candlelight and the boys thought it was very cool. It was a strange birthday but I'm glad I got to spend it with my favorite people on earth.

Monday, August 31, 2015

louisa's first haircut

I gave Louisa her first haircut the other day. Pretty amazing that at 14 months, she was able to get by with nary a trim. She did have a pretty stellar mullet but at least it was somewhat even. I think I was in denial that this girl is growing up so I ignored the long strands that touched her back during the bath. I just cut the funny pieces off the back into a blunt bob and she looks super cute. Will made up a song the other night that he named "Loulou is the cutest baby in the whole world". We all remain faithfully hers.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

house tour: downstairs bathroom

I have been thinking about what we'd like to do with our bathrooms. We have three bathrooms in our house but only one is currently useable for showers and baths. Our master has an en suite but the shower has a leak that we have yet to get fixed. For now, that bathroom gets minimal use and we mostly use the hallway bathroom (i.e. kids' bathroom). I'll blog about that another day but since I've started dreaming about what I'd like to do to our basement, I've started considering options for the downstairs bathroom. I made a room board to help me design a plan and as a guide as we go along with our plans. If you're interested in hiring me for a room board, check out this page here. :)
Like the rest of the basement, the bathroom is really sad and creepy. It has lots of spiders and a toilet that clogs constantly. I am too scared to open the medicine cabinet and the drawers on the vanity. That's how creepy it is. It currently reminds me of the bathroom at my dad's old lumber yard or other construction site bathrooms. Haha. David scraped off the popcorn ceiling, like the rest of the house but otherwise, nothing else has been done.
We don't have a huge budget for this room so we'll need to keep as much as possible to save money. Paint will do a lot to this room. David will skim coat the walls in the basement, like he did upstairs, which will help the walls look nice when we paint. I like the idea of painting the walls a darker, slate blue and then adding in lots of white with navy (buffalo check and stripes), light blue and greens... maybe I love to decorate with those colors a little too much... It has a shower/tub drain but no shower so I'd like to add some kind of shower/tub combo against the window/wall. Adding that will help increase the value of the house because we'll have an additional full bath.
- skim coat, prime + paint walls (maybe BM Hale Navy or RL Lancaster Blue?)
- install hex tile floors (this may be a pipe dream but we'll see what our budget is like)
- rip out medicine cabinet
- hang mirror and vanity sconce
- paint vanity + add hardware
- new sink faucet
- replace/repair toilet
- install (semi)flush mount light
- install shower/tub (in reality, it'll probably be something more like this)
- shower curtain/linens
- storage cabinet

Monday, August 17, 2015

life lately

I tried taking some pictures with my kids the other day but Louisa was the only one who was kind of cooperating. She's such a little baby bunny and I love her. She has recently learned how to do this squinty, cheesy smile whenever I smile at her and it is so funny to me (not in these pictures so you'll just have to take my word on it).
Louisa has also recently graduated from her baby tub (I know, at 13 months) and now she sometimes takes a tub with the boys. They like to dump water on her head and splash her a lot so her baths are typically very short, but she thinks she's such a big girl! Will and Fritz continue to dote on her.
Last week, we went on a drive and ended up at Gas Works Park in Seattle. We climbed to the top of the hill, ate pizza (locals: what's up with Ballard Pizza Co.? We heard it was epic and it was NOT!) and let the kids roam around while we enjoyed this gorgeous view before sunset. Seattle is a gorgeous place in the summer.
As glorious as this summer has been in Seattle, I am ready for fall. A couple of nights ago, I woke up at around 4 a.m. to help one of my kids (can't even remember who because I was still half asleep). After I tucked them back in, I went to the bathroom and we had the window open for some fresh air. The wind was blowing into the house and I felt that "crisp" Autumn air which made me feel giddy with excitement. I have visions of Christmas in our new house and I can't wait! This picture, in particular, is really making me feel jazzed about the holidays.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

house tour: nursery

Another house update post for you all. This is Louisa's nursery. It's nothing like I imagined or planned but it's cheerful and I do like it, even though it still has black baseboards and black doors... which doesn't exactly go with the color palette in there. Oh well, soon enough we'll be able to replace those things and it'll make a huge difference.
As always, things aren't permanent in here but I still wanted to share the progress. I finally broke down and got a nursery chair. I thought the color was going to be more blue but it's really a sagey green. I was pretty disappointed in the color but the shape is great and it's REALLY comfortable and the price was right (I got it on sale and had a coupon code). I just had to add in some other colors that mesh better with the chair color. Luckily, the quilt I made for Louisa has that color in it, repeated a few times. Now, the color doesn't bother me as much.
I love all the things from blabla kids and got this pillow and cat doll for Louisa's crib. Without fail, she throws both of them out of her bed before going to sleep.
This old, antique dresser is one that I painted green and changed the knobs. It's really crummy and the drawers stick really bad, so I want to replace it down the road, but for now it works. I still need to hang the art (which is a Rifle Paper co. wrapping sheet) and take down the pendant that I saved from her blessing brunch.
The kids' closets are just the right size for an EXPEDIT cabinet from IKEA so I put one in each room and I'm so glad I did to give us a little more storage. Other plans for this room include:

- replacing the carpet
- new baseboards
- new doors
I'm sure I'll change up a few other items as well down the road. For those of you who want to know sources for items, here you go.

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore - Pensacola Pink
Crib: Jenny Lind from Amazon
Bumper: Serena & Lily
Sheet: giggle Basics
Skirt: Restoration Hardware Baby
Cat Doll + Pillow: Blabla Kids
Rug: West Elm
Mirror: vintage
Chair: Home Decorators
Buffalo Check Pillow: IKEA
Bookcase: IKEA (several years ago - they don't sell it anymore)
Blackout Drapes: Pottery Barn
Swan Vase: Anthropologie