Wednesday, July 01, 2015

guest bedroom progress

Before my in-laws arrived last week, David and I worked really hard on getting the guest room ready. I blogged a little bit about the progress and my plan here. Even though it's definitely not done yet, it's at least clean and acceptable for house guests so I am posting some pictures of the progress. The changes we made are purely decorative but it feels so much better in there! Here's how it looked before.

And a couple of progress shots:
Here's the to-do list for this room. I crossed off the things we've done so far:

- scrape off popcorn ceiling
- paint ceiling fan
- paint walls
- bed skirt
- hang art
- new rug
- headboard
- remove mini blinds and hang drapes
- replace mill work and doors
- replace linoleum floors with carpet
- bedding
- decorative pillows
- bring down dresser from upstairs
- bench for end of bed

Monday, June 29, 2015

summer cuts

Frederick is a BIG time thumb sucker and hair twirler. He's a pretty intense, active kid and thumb sucking/hair twirling is his way of winding down in the car or when he's tired or upset. I get that it's very common and I haven't been too worried about it because I figured he'll outgrow it. I've talked to his dentist about his teeth and he doesn't think it's anything to worry about right now (but he did give me a few helpful tips). We haven't really addressed the issue at all with Fritz - just let things run their course and not make it a big deal.

A couple of weeks ago, David pointed out a spot on the top of Fritz's head that looked really thin. I looked closer, and sure enough, he had twirled a good chunk of hair off his head. Maybe things were particularly stressful for him lately but we decided that the best way to help him wean off the hair twirling (especially while he's sleeping) was to cut his hair really short. Now, the very idea was breaking my heart because I really, really love my boy's hair - especially Fritz's summer hair. He gets really great blond highlights in the summer but short hair is better than bald spots.
I buzzed his hair really short the other day and when I was done, I seriously almost cried. I know it's stupid and vain that I care so much but for some reason, it is just so sad! I think it's that he looks so old and so different and that's a tough pill to swallow.

After his hair was cut, I decided to give Will a shorter summer cut too and ended up just buzzing it. At least they match and it'll grow back really fast! No matter what, they are CUTE boys and I love them so!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

louisa turns one

My sweet Louisa baby is one year old! Just one year ago, I was giving birth to her. How did this happen, you guys? It has gone by too fast. I don't know if I can adequately describe the joy that this peanut brings to our family. She is adored by all of us. We are just so enamored with her charm. The boys delight in every milestone and love to smother her with affection. I hope they'll always be such loving big brothers to her. She is the apple of David's eye too, and she knows it. She has mastered flirting with him when he walks in the door and gives him this kind of shy grin. It's a heart melter!
Here's what Louisa Ada up to at one year old:

GROWTH: she's on the small side (I'm estimating around 18 pounds) but I think she's recently grown quite a bit. She's pretty long though and fits into most 9-12 month clothes, though I can still fit her in some 6 month stuff if they're meant to be short.

WORDS: Dada, Mama, neigh, uh-oh

TRICKS: claps, waves "bye", open-mouth kisses, walks assisted, almost stands unassisted and crawls really fast when she is excited.

FAVORITE FOODS: breast milk, pizza crust, frozen peas, scrambled eggs


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Olympic Peninsula: Day Three

We drove to the coast on Friday afternoon and stayed at Kalaloch Lodge, another great find by my sister-in-law. My in-laws rented a couple of cabins and they were charming and right on the beach. It was beautiful! The whole beach was covered in this amazing driftwood and we all had a great time walking along the soft sand while the boys climbed over the driftwood and played pirates. William could be heard saying, "Ahoy there, me hearties!" all weekend. It was pretty cute. There were tons of Dungeness crabs and it was fun to watch them scuttle around. We were hoping to see some whales but no dice.
That night, we had a fire and slept to the sound of ocean waves. Man, is there anything better? The next morning, after breakfast at the lodge, we went to the tide pools. It was really cool to see star fish, sea anemones, sea cucumbers and hermit crabs all over the place. This beach had a colony of puffins (!) and we saw a few on a rock.
Then we drove home and hit up Pike Place Market in the morning for breakfast, which is always a good time. The boys have been loving all this time with Gramma and Grampa Bryant! Thanks to my in-laws for a wonderful trip to a gorgeous place! Lots of great memories were made!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Olympic Peninsula: Day Two

The next morning, Louisa woke up at 6 a.m. and since I didn't want to wake anyone else up, I threw on my running shoes and put her in the stroller while I went for a little run. As tired as I was, I am really glad that she got me up and out so early in the morning. It was one of those memories that I'll never forget. It felt amazing to be outside in nature with no one around (except for the other stray jogger) and just be alone with my thoughts out in the most beautiful setting. Louisa fell asleep and it was just perfectly peaceful. n
Once everyone else woke up and we had breakfast, we went on a hike to Marymere Falls. It was a gorgeous day and had a beautiful reward at the top! It was just the right amount of hiking for the boys and had a really fun bridge that we had to cross. Everyone thought it was pretty cool. I love wearing Louisa in my Ergo carrier on hikes like these. She always falls asleep and it's just so sweet to have a little baby against your chest - especially one who doesn't particularly enjoy snuggling.

I love my little family!
This is the front porch of the lodge. It was just so charming with the patriotic bunting and patio furniture with views of the lake. I wanted to sit there all day long with a good book! That afternoon, we rented a canoe and rode out on the lake to get a better view. It was gorgeous and I haven't been on a canoe in a long time so that was exciting!
Then we hopped in the car and drove to the coast but I'll blog about that tomorrow!